The Amazing Women of B Corp

The Amazing Women of B Corp

It's a big month here at Bennetto Natural Foods; it’s B Corp month, and today, it’s International Women’s Day.

In honour of these events, I wanted to give a big shout-out to the other female founders of B Corp businesses in Aotearoa, New Zealand. I’m proud to be one of them.

International Women's Day brings awareness to the unique challenges and differences women face, including gender bias and discrimination when pitching to investors, stereotypes to overcome, limited networking and access to mentors, and the struggle to balance work and home life. Despite research-based statistics showing women-owned businesses tend to outperform, they receive less funding than male-owned businesses. However, what makes it all worth it is the compassion and community-focus that women bring into business.

Kiwi women of the B Corp world are making a real and important difference. For instance, Kendall Flutey of Banqer is empowering kids to be financially literate and ready for the modern world. Brianne West, co-founder of Ethique and soon-to-launch Incrediballs, is waging a one-woman war on single-use plastic bottles, while Peri Drysdale and Gosia Piatek of Untouched World and Kowtow Clothing, respectively, are driving the change that the fashion industry needs. I'm also inspired by Latesha Randall of Raglan Food Co, who is a great mentor to me personally, along with the Chia Sisters, Chloe and Florence Van Dyke, Michele Wilson of AWWA period care, and the founders of Hello Period, Robyn McLean and Mary Bond, who are taking on the big boys of traditional (and environmentally harmful) period products. And then there's Gillian Boucher of sustainable footwear brand Orba – shoes that you can bury, and they'll completely biodegrade. I have two pairs and love them!

There are many more amazing female founders of B Corp businesses in Aotearoa and the rest of the world. Please feel free to give them a shout-out in the comments.