Bennetto 8g Truffle Squares

Meet the newest babies in the Bennetto family.

We've had a new arrival! Delivered earlier this month, the latest baby in the Bennetto family is here. Small and perfectly formed, it's our brand new organic dark chocolate truffle squares—bite-sized pieces of chocolate, soft-centred, delicious, and in three new pops of flavour. Please read our blog with all the details here.

And they are babies. We're thrilled to announce the arrival of our new organic dark chocolate truffle squares. They are bite-sized Bennetto beauties weighing 8 grams each, hitting the shops just in time for Kiwis to share the love over Christmas.

With our  57% Ecuador dark chocolate shell, these little squares have a soft, creamy filling that pops with flavour—designed to share with friends, family or colleagues. The flavours are mint, raspberry, or passionfruit.

Our chocolate doesn't compromise our values or flavour– it's Fairtrade, organic, vegan, soy and gluten-free. We've got the classic mint for traditional after-dinner minters, but the raspberry or passionfruit options have proven to be a winner for something a little unconventional. There's plenty to go around, with 20 squares in each box, all individually wrapped.


Our founder, Lucy, first had this brainy idea of smaller squares because she wanted something bite-sized so more people could understand what the Bennetto chocolate tasted like. Some people were a little put off because it contained no milk. She thought a small square could be just the ticket, like a gateway to the bigger Bennetto bars.

"I wanted something bite-sized so that more people could taste our chocolate without the commitment of a 100g bar. I also kept getting asked for sample-sized bars - because everybody loves a goodie bag with chocolate in it," Lucy says.

"Initially, we prototyped about ten soft-centred flavours, but over time, we whittled these down to the three we have now: mint, raspberry, and passionfruit. Those flavours popped in even the small quantity used in an 8gm square. We could also get the right consistency of creaminess with the cocoa butter. Keeping these fillings delicious without adding dairy products like milk and cream was challenging – but we did it!"

"I love to think of these being passed around dinner tables across New Zealand this Christmas."

Choose from a 160gm box of creamy mint-filled squares or cover all bases and get a box with an assorted mix of raspberry and passionfruit-filled squares.



As you know, we're a B Corp Certified business, so using business as a force for good is at the heart of everything we do. Every purchase you make is a vote for the world you want. So, you know that when you buy our chocolate for yourself or gift it to friends, family, neighbours or workmates, you're helping support everyone involved in creating it.

From boosting the biodiversity of the land used by our cacao farmers, paying a living wage to our employees, and ensuring there is no modern slavery or forced child labour used in growing or harvesting the cocoa.

Our chocolate contains no added soy, gluten or dairy. We're vegan-certified through the Vegan Society and Coeliac Society approved. We are certified organic and Fairtrade. And we never use palm oil.

That's what we call fair and square.



Our new boxes of organic dark are only available in New Zealand for now. You can buy them online here or find your nearest stockist here.

At your supermarket, the Bennetto organic dark chocolate truffle squares will be in the confectionery aisle, so make sure you push your trolley down in that direction.

Also great for corporate gifts, buy a carton of six x 160gm boxes for NZD$ 90. Each 160gm box contains 20 squares of 8gms each, all individually wrapped.

For more information on all things Bennetto, go to our website.



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