How It Started

Our company champion is Lucy. Her last name Bennetto, a real food lover – and the main inspiration behind the name of the brand. It was her original fascination for formulating whole food recipes and visiting cooperatives that got us into this business.

From the kitchen bench-top, Lucy started refining chocolate using an Indian spice grinder she found on TradeMe and a cool fan to keep the motor cool so she could keep it running for days to get teh chocolate nice and fine. The results were so incredible that TechNZ gave her a grant to develop the recipes further.

Realising that she needed to see first hand how the cacao beans were grown, Lucy then made her first trip to the Dominican Republic. This was the light bulb moment that made her realise that ethical sourcing from a sustainable cocoa supply was imperative to the true values of making chocolate.

The first product was a raw cacao chocolate followed by the Drinking Chocolate Bar – a unique solid block in three pieces – giving the customer the chance to enjoy a 70% cocoa real chocolate drink and enjoy a unique experience at the same time.  Shortly after this bar was introduced to the retail market we won a few awards- and has remained our focus since.

As you see, our start was small, but we’ve always aimed to do more than simply produce great chocolate. Our hope is that we inspire people everywhere, to be thoughtful in every aspect of their business. We now know that it’s possible to produce food that nourishes whole communities and is still truly good for our customers. That’s pretty exciting don’t you think?!